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Randy Armstrong – Ensembles

Randy Armstrong is presently performing with four different ensembles with reknowned performers from around the world. Read more about these high-caliber musicians.

Randy Armstrong • Volker Nahrmann & Beyond Borders

World Fusion

Featuring Randy Armstrong, Volker Nahrmann, Jose Duque, Theo Martey, Shamou

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Randy Armstrong, born in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia in the United States of America has joined forces with four great musicians from around the globe to create Randy Armstrong • Volker Nahrmann & Beyond Borders. The ensemble features the talents of long-time collaborator, bassist, keyboard player and composer, Volker Nahrmann from Hamburg, Germany; the immensely talented drummer and Latin percussionist, Jose Duque from Caracas, Venezuela; Theo Martey, a dynamic drummer and dancer from Accra, Ghana in West Africa; and the sensational middle-eastern, Latin and African style percussionist, Shamou from Tehran, Iran.

All bandleaders of various groups, each musician brings virtuosic vitality to their performances creating music on a stage filled with a spectacular array of over 100 instruments from around the world. Randy Armstrong • Volker Nahrmann & Beyond Borders performs original compositions and adaptations of traditional music from the four corners of the earth. Each musician is featured throughout the concert presentation and the band also offers educational workshops and master classes to schools, universities and cultural institutions.

The musicians of Randy Armstrong • Volker Nahrmann & Beyond Borders believe that music has the power to transform and uplift people from all walks of life. Recognizing the great diversity of languages, cultures and life-styles of people from around the world, they embrace the universal language of music and the belief that the Earth is One Country and All Humanity Its’ Citizens.

Special guest performers Henrique De Almeida, Ken Gable, Marty Quinn, Marcus Santos, Olga Ramon, Charlie Jennison, Dana Oakes, and Steve Ferraris

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The Randy Armstrong Trio

Featuring Randy Armstrong, Volker Nahrmann, Jose Duque

Always on the absolute cutting edge of the musical world, The Randy Armstrong Trio featuring Volker Nahrmann and Jose Duque perform original World Fusion Music and Contemporary Jazz. While some people talk about “one world” and “understanding all cultures”, The Randy Armstrong Trio lives this concept with their in-depth study and presentation of music drawn from sources as diverse as mainstream American jazz, Native American flute playing, West African drumming and North Indian sitar motifs – all blended by the ingenious combination of acoustic, high-tech, synthesized technology.

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The Armstrong • Nahrmann Group

Featuring Randy Armstrong, Volker Nahrmann, Jose Duque, Dana Oakes, and Steve Ferraris

Guitarist/percussionist Randy Armstrong of DOAH World Music Ensemble and German bassist/keyboardist Volker Nahrmann perform original compositions on over 50 traditional and ethnic instruments from around the world blended with synthesizers and high-tech interfaces. Formerly known as UNU MONDO, their music incorporates the sensibilities of West African, North Indian, Brazilian, and Caribbean sounds and rhythms blended into a fusion of contemporary jazz and world music.

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Armstrong & Aichele

Featuring Randy Armstrong and Genevieve Aichele

In 1992, Randy Armstrong and Genevieve Aichele began collaborating as Armstrong & Aichele, a performance ensemble which merges music, movement, storytelling and theatre to animate timeless stories that appeal to audiences of all ages. Together they perform World Tales, with music played on traditional instruments from all over the globe — the Native American flute, the African djembe drum, and the North Indian sitar, just to name a few.

The stories include traditional favorites like "Anansi the Spider" and original retellings of ancient myths. World Tales performances and A Mosaic of Music & Stories from Around the World, the album of the show, have won rave reviews all over the country. Working as Artists-in-Residence at dozens of schools and community organizations throughout New England, Armstrong & Aichele have been the recipients of numerous grants from the NH State Council on the Arts, New England Foundation for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Available for concerts, workshops and residencies. Check out the Armstrong & Aichele Website or catch performances on YouTube.